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These Shoes Are too Big for Walking

Film review – Solo: A Star Wars Story (Director: Ron Howard)

By Sascha Krieger

It’s almost as if the film wants to exorcise its, to put it mildly, difficult creation process. Its initial directors were fired halfway through, Ron Howard took over, making sure that at least top-level craftsmanship would be guaranteed. After a few minutes all of this is forgotten. Solo: A Star Wars Story charges out of the gate as if there was no tomorrow. A breathless chase, a few life-or-death confrontations, a love story, a miniature war movie thrown in for good measure and finally a memorable first meeting of  two beloved characters. The film’s first part is so fast-paced and breathless that viewers can easily forget how little things fit together, how much is constructed of set pieces cobbled together from various genres. Plausible characters? Who needs them? A consistent direction? That’s for losers! A goal for what is essentially a quest-based adventure movie, an Indiana Jones in space (the irony that said character was made famous by the man who originally played the title character in this one is not lost)? Overrated. Ron Howard knows how to build suspense, he masterfully erects a gritty, dirty, darkish world, an underworld really, and is an expert in keeping his audience entertained. There is no second that’s really boring, chiefly because Howard piles action sequence upon action sequence upon, well, you will guess it by now.