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The White Saviour

Film review: Green Book (Director: Perter Farrelly)

By Sascha Krieger

On the surface things look great when it comes to diversity in film: out of the eight films nominated for a „Best Picture“ Academy Award this year, thee deal with racism and equality for people of colour, two of them, BlackKkKlansman and Black Panther even include „black“ in the title, all feature strong performances by very diverse casts, Black Panther only has two white cast members. Following Wonder Woman and shortly joined by Captain Marvel it is praised for infusing the super hero and blockbuster fields with diversity and the chance to inspire groups of people traditionally on the sidelines of such films. All good in Hollywood? Not really. The year’s most remarkable film about race relations and discrimination, Barry Jenkins‘ If Beale street Could Talk, a film with an almost all-black cast, an all-black story and told from a decidedly black view-point – as well as being a masterpiece in its own right – was snubbed at the nominations. The question why is hard to answer but there is something it lacks that the other films have: a white saviour, the traditional benevolent white man (usually) who helps the non-whites to win the day. Black Panther has this in the form of Martin Freeman’s CIA agent and even BlacKkKlansman, while offering a story driven by the black protagonist, has a figure for the white audience to identify with in Adam Driver’s indispensable undercover cop. See how even this review only mentions white actors‘ names. Here you go.