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Hail to the Hero

Film review: Darkest Hour (Director: Joe Wright)

By Sascha Krieger

Winston Churchill, Britain’s Prime Minister during the Second World War, never seems to go out of fashion as a leadership role model. Adding that the stubborn, choleric, idiosyncratic and anything but slick politician is a feast for every actor, it seems hardly surprising that a wave of Churchills has recently hit screens small and big. The fact that there seems to a shortage of leaders universally trusted these days might add to his popularity. Darkest Hour depicts the first few weeks of Churchill’s tenure as Prime Minister. Unloved and unwanted by his party, faced with the annihilation of the British forces as continental Europe collapses under the force of Hitlers blitzkrieg, under pressure to enter negotiations with Nazi Germany, Churchill fights what appears to be an impossible battle. Hell-bent on defeating Germany, his days seem to be numbered, his swift forced resignation inevitable. Almost faltering, he remains steadfast and wins the day – for now. The film ends with the temporary triumph of his „We shall never surrender“ speech, a pivotal moment in Britain’s battle for survival.